Monday, October 16, 2006

Well people... I know it's been forever since I've gotten on here... weeelllll at least it feels like that. I've had all sorts of crazy random things happen to me lately. It would take waaaaay too long to explain all of them though. Oh by the way... how was Aaron at the pinic? He promised he would be strong, but I had this suspicious feeling he really didn't keep himself together, and that he was just saying that. =) hehe. I got to see him and Dawson working out at my friend Paula's house. (She worked with me in the green house all summer.) She asked me to come help her with cleaning up all the random wires, boards and all thatgood stuff... oh... and I can't forget the dust... oh yes... we had QUITE the little cloud going on down in the basement. Rich (Paula's husband) offered some masks, but that was after we had gotten the big part of it. Aaron was really wanting to use one but... unfortunatly... he was to embarrased to ask, and... well, honestly, I think he just didn't want to look retarded ; ) just teasing. :) Aaron, if I'm leaving any good stuff out you'll have to remind me.
I had this terrible cold the next morning though! I was feeling horrible. I don't think it was because of working at their house, although the dust might have irratated it, but my dad had this bad cold earlier. That's who I'm blaming. Well, he actually gave it to my mom first, so maybe I should blame the both of them. =) It was worse on Saturday, and Sunday I was all excited cause it was getting better, and then today, I have this really bad cough. Over all, I think it's on the up and up scales, but you never know. :)
My mom and Grandpa left last night to go to Colarado for a week. I don't know if you all heard or not, but my great Grandma passed away. she definatly lived a long life. She was 100, and would have been 101 on December 27th. I remember her fairly well, I guess. I remember when I was 3 I went on my first airplane ride ever, to Colarado. Dad tolded me to take the gum of of my mouth, cause I was about to fall asleep and he didn't want me to choke on it. I remember sitting on a cactus... yeah a cactus... not fun, I'll tell you what, it hurt sooo bad I can still feel the pain. =) We were playing hide and seek, and I followed Jenni behind this "big bush"... (yeah, later I definately learned the definition for cactus) well, now...she sat on the ground behind it... being the little smart one she is... and right next to her I remember seeing this little round green thing, that looked like a bar stool seat. So I gladly was about to take the seat, wondering why Jen was nice enough to sit on the ground to let me have it. ha.. ha.. ha.. I've learned a very important lesson that day, that I keep in mind even now. If my sister is EVER that nice to me again... RUN, HIDE, AND NEVER COME BACK... EVER!!!!! ........ Anyways... the rest was history... I sat down started crying, Jen got mad at me because I had given away our hiding place... there's jen for ya... and yeah... fun times, right? lol
I remember eating dinner with my great Grandma and her laughing about me sitting on the cactus... which at the time in my little 3-year-old mind i thought was pretty cruel, but I got over it. ;) I remember great Grandma coming up here for a little while. We all went over to my Uncle Dan's, I was about 6 or 7, and I remember going out behind their house, and finding a whole bunch of raspberries for her. Those memories are all I have of her. I guess I always imagined seeing her one last time before she died. She was really a great person, I even as a little girl can remember that. It was pretty hard on my mom. My mom's mom died when my mom was just a baby. Her Grandma practically raised her, and they have always been close. I am really glad that Grandpa and my mom went to go see her last Christmas. Well, anyways, they should be back in a week, and I am left here to run the household... scary... =) Dad and Jen are going to be working every day, and Brian will be here some of the time, he's working a little this week too. I have to plan five meals... and make them. I sound pitiful, huh? I know how to make meals, but I have just never done the whole thing by myself before. Mom tells me to start dinner, not finish it alone! She was in a hurry too, and didn't give me any instrutions, pointers, advise, nothing... not even a drill on "what to do in case of a fire"... lol oh I hope it's not that bad!! I really have no clue what to do. I'm thinking easy meals... like mac and cheese, spagetti,... and that's...pathetic as it is, isreally as far as I've gotten. Oh boy... I really need to start cooking more. I can bake about anything... but cook a meal... that's a little different. So if you can give me some ideas, or you could just pray that I don't set the house on fire or kill the dogs with burnt leftovers... hehe =)
Oh my stars!! Look at how long this is! Wow... I guess that's what you get, after me not getting on here so long. The IDEA internet wasn't working or something... it took a while to finally get it fixed.
Well... I really do love you all. I miss you guys a whole, whole, whole, lot. ;) leave me comments... I'll be on more often now! I promise!

Always here... no matter what.


Radar said...

I understand the fact of not getting on much... I havent had much to say so i havent posted much myself. hopefully I will post some later.


SnowCam said...

Hope that you and your family are doing ok, and I'll be praying that your Mom and Grandpa have a safe trip.

blondevue... said...

Don't stess about dinner, you've started dinner for your Mom before, and I'm sure you've helped finish it. So now...all you've got to do is add them together...and tadah! Dinner is served! I don't cook as much now since I'm usually not home at dinner time, but when I was younger I did alot more. Usually when Mom was out of town. And yes...sometimes you just have to make an easy meal, but I'm sure that you'll do just fine! Actually I'm sure that you'll do Great!
It wasn't just the Idea internet that was down. My cell phone, my internet at work and our fax machine at work were all down all day today. I couldn't even get my timecards from our formans in Hawaii, so...I didn't get to finish payroll today. I'm suprised that its working now! Yay!
It was good to read your post, love ya girlie,
call me if you need anything while your Mom is gone.

Rebekah said...

Emily, :) I'm reading your blog from this little coffee cafe in anchorage called the lucky monkey. : ) You'd like it. It's is cold and rainy here. How dinner go? Glad a got a chance to talk to you yesterday. Love the way you end your blog. cute
Love, Rebekah

Happy Girl said...

You act like you're so imcompitent but I know that you could blow the doors off of all of us. You're going to do great with Dinner. It's real easy, a bread, a vegetable, and a main dish. Wala. It's dinner! You might even be able to skip either the veg. or bread and still get away with it. I'm sure that the family will be appreciative of anything that you do. And if not, well you know who to call to straighten them out. lol!! Love you lot's!!