Monday, March 05, 2007

Horse Riding Experience... =0)

It sure doesn't feel like it should be Monday today. The weekend is already gone... it's crazy. We had a complete blast at the bible study at Uncle Mikes house. All of the kids brought a verse that they really liked, and explained why they liked it. It was really interesting to hear every ones. Uncle Mike brought a lesson about future, and making sure that God is in whatever you want to do. We played some games... which FYI... the girls totally kicked butt on the T-shirt game. hehe... But the guys slaughtered us at "Guess a Word". It was fun. =0)

Yesterday afternoon my family and I went over to my Uncle Mikes again for Suday lunch. It was was fun. Shannon, Jen, and I rode the horses. =0) It was fun... a little scary at times, but it was alright. I got Sir first. He is pretty old and easy going... but he can be stubborn. I walked around on him for a while, and trotted, and even got into a little canter with him. I thought I was doing pretty good for never riding before... well... nothing that really counted anyways. Then... I thought, well I'll try Sassy. Which, by the way, she is named that for a VERY good reason. Well... I got on her and she's a bit younger, and she really likes to go fast. She was being a little more stubborn than Sir was, but I was expecting that. So I start around the big pen... and my PLAN was to go all the way around it. A-hem... Well... Half way around it she starts turning around in circles, and by this time I am softly kicking her and attempting to steer her in the right direction. All the sudden she decides to bolt off, back to the door of the pen... I am telling her "Woo"and the "WOOOO!!!" and she just keeps going faster... into a canter, and then into a full gallop... Maybe for all you horse riders your thinking well that's not too bad... but I was holding on for dear life!!! My legs were tighten around her as much as possible, and I wasn't going to dare let go of her mane to grab the rains that fell to her sides as she bolted off. I was so sure I was going to fall off. I look behind me... and guess what I see???? Jenni and Shannon are busting out laughing!!!! I was about to kill the both of them. At first i could hear Shannon saying kick her... pull back on the reins!!! But now she was just laughing!! Goodness gracious. Some people. Once she finally got to the door of the pen she started settling down a little. Shannon and Jen came over and were like, " I can't believe you actually stayed on!!! It was actually pretty funny, you looked a little scared." Well, ya think?!? Shesh... Shannon said she was proud of me for hanging on but said I needed to hold on with my legs more than hanging on to the mane. All well... We've decided to do this more often so we can get a little better. I don't think I will be riding Sassy until I get a little better though. =) lol It was actual really fun, but I was scared just because I wasn't sure what she was going to do. When she went around the corners of the stall, it was even harder to hang on, and when she stopped right away, I thought I was going to fall off, cause she almost reared a little. It was exciting to say the least though.

I'm just about to go babysit Ansley and MaKenia today. I am so excited. Mrs. Rebecca Smith should be having her third baby pretty soon. =0) She doesn't know if its a boy or a girl, but I think they are hoping it will be a boy. Especially Mr. Smith.

Well, I hope every one's Monday isn't going too badly... Have a good day...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today was really, really cold. I don't know if it was just that I never really noticed it as much until today or what, but it just seemed so much colder today. My fingers are so cold from being outside, it's a little hard to type. =0) All well.

Yesterday night Dad brought home a lot of movies. One of them was Flags of Our Fathers. I couldn't tell you if it was a good movie or not, because I was so tired I couldn't finish watching the rest of it. It seemed like a really good movie though. It was silent in a lot of parts though... so those of you who don't have a TV guardian... it might not be too good.

This morning we just lazied around... then about noonish we all (the fam) went and help out on the parsonage. We repainted the floor, and it looks so much better. =0) I think we are going to clean around here, a little and then head off to Uncle Mike's house. It is this really cool thing that we started. All of the kids and a lot of times the parents will come too. We just meet at someones house one Saturday out of the month, and have a bible study, dinner, and play some games.

Then we figure out what we are going to do for a "fun day" like go ice skating, or to go play laser tag, and so on. I think it a really neat thing. We have more time to fellowship and just have good fun.

Well... I posted... happy now? lol Just teasing. =0) I told you all though... it's either boring or bad... lol That's not the best attitude I know... especially since my blog is called "It's a good life" lol. Which it is, don't get me wrong... I guess I am just not cut out for keeping any sort of a blog,,, maybe that's why I could never keep a diary. Always been a reader, never a writer. lol *SIGH* ALL well...

Have a marvelous day... ;-D
Pray for warmer, sunnier, summerier days...