Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hello everyone... hows it going... im good... well... all things considering... i miss everyone... thanks for all the comments... each one of them brightens my day... and makes me do this: =D see? hehe... I don't have much time to write but I just wanted to let everyone know, although this is hard, i still need to have a good attitude about it, and you all have helped. Your prayers, your thoughts, and comments. ;) I had a really quick but awesome talk with Laurie. She is so sweet, and she took the time to make sure, I kept doing what I needed to do, no matter what my circumstances. Thank you Laurie, it really meant a lot, you have always been like a second mom to me.
Today I went to the hospital and did my volunteer work. I really love voluteering. I get a chance to help people, I'm learning a lot, and the people I work with are really awesome. I am doing mostly secretarial work now, but I really hope to start working in the learning center, watching the little kids. It was so cute today... When I was in people resource with everyone, 3 little girls about 4 and 5, and they were all dressed up like little princesses. One was in a Snow White outfit, one in a Sleeping Beauty outfit, and one in a Cinderella outfit. I have never seen cuter little girls in my life. The one in the Sleeping Beauty out fit came up and smiled really big at me and ran off laughing. It was really cute. She had these big bright green eyes, and white/blonde hair. She was such a little darling. Anyways, I hope to be over there... someday... :0) (or maybe a whole lot sooner than that... with a Wells Fargo Checking account you can start saving BIG today!) lol ; )
This weekend we are going to do some yard clean up, and put away some things, hopefully before it snows.
Well i have to end for now. Have a great day, ya'll! ~emily


Radar said...

Emily... I know that your family decision my be hard... But trust the Lord that he will lead your family in the proper direction. After services tonight, I strongly believe we have found where we belong. Please tell your dad (and the rest of the gang) We are still praying for you. I hope you know that we do care for you all. For lack of a better phrase....
Love and prayer..
Your friend Radar

Rebekah said...

Missing you and your fam. The hospital volunter work sounds like a neat experiance. :)

Lochaby said...

Hey emily, wow that was funny running into you today at work. That lady seems ugh... like she's... well lets just say I was glad I was working with Dawson all day.


It's a good life said...

hey now... lol, she is actually pretty cool. Believe me, i worked with her all summer. You just need to get to know her. She is pretty funny, but she's definaltly a pistol... ;) are you guys going out there agian, or are you finished?
btw, thanks kody. its means a lot.
I miss you too, Rebekah! Are you coming up here anytime soon?