Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Brian... o my dearest lovely brother got really sick last week and was throwing up and felt really bad the day after Christmas. He was sick for the weekend and by Sunday he was feeling a lot better. WELL. I figured I would be rather immune to this since I wasn't going to be staying at home anyway... I would just avoid the sick people... but I did feel pretty bad for him.

Yesterday around 5 I started feeling pretty sick to my stomach... and closed the shop up at 6... threw up... came home... threw up some more... meh. Being sick is the worst! I couldn't even really get up and walk around cuz I'd start feeling lightheaded. =/ I haven't been that sick in a longgg time.

Feeling quite a bit better now... but still haven't eaten since yesterday morning. I'm scared to...

Brian brought me some Pedialyte. It didn't work so well yesterday night... but today I've been sipping it.

I really want apple juice. lol(= It sounds really good and this stuff tastes salty with all the electrolyte's and minerals. I think I'll wait for the apple juice. It's not worth it. lol

Tonight is the New Years Eve get-ta-getha at the Trickeys. I've been so excited about going... but if I dont maintain feeling pretty good... then there is no way that I am going. I definatly dont want to get anyone else sick either.

I'm crossing my fingers though... (o:

Monday, December 29, 2008

Recent and Random Picturesss(=

I don't really have a lot to say... (= Things are good... taking care of the hardware shop and watching Kedrick's house for him while he's gone for the holidays visiting family in Arkansas. I've really enjoyed being off from school... and since then... been having fun with the camera on my celly phone. Some are a lil blurry... all wellsss. =] Please comment! I like to hear from everyone... (:


At Thanksgiving... my beautiful baby sis

On the way to Delta... how pretty!!! This picture doesn't do the scenery justice... the sunlight was making the trees sparkle... it was really something [=

WHAT a handsome boyaaa(;

pretty miss Deanna:o)

GLASSES. Do they help this blond look smarter?? (: just maybe??

What we look like at 1 o clock in da mornin' lol

my 2 reasons

WHAT is this suppose to mean??? > ! < exect its in this lil triangle...


Monday, December 15, 2008

A little prayer request... (:

Finals. Are. Here. Dum tum dum...

Yes. It really IS that dreadful just in case you are wondering. Stress isn't something I really like to incorporate into my life but sometimes it comes anyways. =S I would really appriciate some prayer on these big exams if you get jut a spare moment. Next Wednesday it will be all over... (= so on that happy note! I better get back to studyinggg. I am alive and doing fine... =] Just a little stressed out as of lately... but doing better. (o:

Hope everyone is having a great time getting ready for the holidays. Yesterday afternoon, a bunch of us in the church went caroling. It was really, really good. I didn't really feel like I was being a blessing as much as I felt that I was recieving the blessing... just being with everyone and going out to the community. The freedoms we still have to be thankful for here in America should definately not be taken for granted even in this ecominic crisis and presidental socialistic...... mess...... but ahem. We were staying thankful, right??! =] Haha... (:

Love you all... (:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Verses, yay! =] =] =]

2 Timothy 1:7
"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

Last post for today, I promise. =] lol I absolutely love this verse... it has really helped me keep sane throughout this whole semester. It is really encouraging too, so hopefully... if you were needing a little bit of encouragement, this helped. Our God is so good... and here's the verse I kind of butchered earlier. =)

Romans 8:28
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

Sooooooo I was driving along... and THEN (:

I really wasn't going to post today, because life has been rather depressing lately... However. To save myself from a hooded, black eyeshadowed slump of emo-ness in all its scariness, I figured it would be a good idea to "let out allllllll of these feelings of disapointment and grief" to you all. Haha, just teasinggg. =) I could have just waited until life was back to normal, but then I would get it later from individuals who feel it necessary to know the gory details of my troubles. Ahem.
Anywaysss, =]. Sooooooo, I was just driving along... and then around a corner... and well... didn't quite make it completely around the corner. The snow from the right side of the road pulled me in and I will admit, I panicked a little... and as a result over-corrected to the right... started sliding yet again... over-corrected to the left... putting my car in this weaving motion back and forth... spun around in a "fun" little circle and went deep down into the ditch, off of this small hillish bank about 45 feet away from the road. Puuurty exciting stuff I tell you. A really nice guy and his son stopped after watching what happened and helped me out... later telling me how completely cool it had looked. Joy. I'm glad it seemed to have serve some purpose of amusement I suppose. Buttt anyways... God was really protecting me. I slipped into the ditch between two ratherly large trees, and should have hit one. Actually, when I stepped out of my car I was under the ratherly large branches. The damage didn't look bad, in fact I have no dents or smashed glass whatsoever. However, the front right tire was well... not on. At all. The ball joint or axel broke and was really not in moving condition. But today I finally got it all straightened out with the towing company who came out and picked it up, hauled it to Alaska Auto something or other, and they should be giving me an estimate on how much it is going to cost to fix it... =/ I already know it's more than I first anticipated... but I'm ready to just get it fixed and done with if and as soon as possible.
Its a rather dreary some thing being without vehichle after you are being used to having one, and driving yourself everywhere with it. All welllllll... everything works together for them that love Him right?? Something like that anyways... I don't have my bible with me, but I know it says that. =o)
Life other than that is wonderfulll. I had a really, really good day. No papers... =) Until Wednesday anyways... which is in two days... ughh... but anyways. We were consentrating on today! =) I aced a reading quiz in economics, and history... well.. I got a test back... and it didn't look too good. But we'll not consentrate on that either! =] =] =] The point I was trying to make is now we are studying a new section, and starting new notes. Hopefully, I can get this down by this last quarter. If not, then, well... I'll have to work with what I've got, and I can say it's been a "learning experience".
I hope everyone is as feeling GREAT and super HAPPY today. Because Thanksgiving is next week! I get to go over to my Grandma's and help her with setting up for dinner and the whole family coming over. I'm stoked. =) =) =) It's going to be great. I miss my family. Even my immediate ones. =/
la ti da... hmm... should probably go and study the newly learned things discovered today in school, but thanks for all the comments. I'll try to stay on top of this. =) Love you all, and have a great evening. ;)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

sooo, it's been a while... =]

May of 2007 is the very last time I posted. It's still pretty amazing to me that this blog has not self distructed after not have been used in so long. (: I think I need to update my links. I couldn't ever keep a diary, lol, I have no idea why I thought I could keep up on a blog... but I have gotten some complaints and they had all just about given up on me... so I thought I would post. It's hard to keep up with everyone and what is going on in there lives if you do not see them or talk to them very often... so in a way this is a great way to be "somewhat" aware of distant friends lives. I'll try not to make any promises, especially since things are so crazy right now, but I know the other day when I actually got on blogger for the first times in ages, I really enjoyed reading what everyone was all up to. So I might just try... yet again... to keep posting. (:

Life is really, really, really crazy for me right now. Not really the crazy kind of busy that you enjoy, but the whole too-much-to-do-so-im-not-getting-anything-completely-finished kind of busy. ): It's not the greatest feeling in the world, but life goes on, and I hear that this semester (along with most, if not all others lol) will come to an end. The three classes I am taking at UAF are just core basic classes that are giving me highschool and college credits. It's pretty neat, esspecially to have them all payed for as well. I even was re-embirsed for most of the books I bought. I am really enjoying my Economics class, the class I thought would be hardest in the beginning of the year. English is pretty fun... I mean... for being English. =P LOTS and LOTS of wonderful papers to write... like the Alaskan Oil Production paper I got on the computer for in the first place (ahem). =] All wellllll. I needed a distraction. However, the whole History thing... wow. It's a bit different. Don't get me wrong. I absolutly love to read history. I guess because I can kind of be a nerd like that.... but my teacher. Is well. A college professor?? Suprise. lol He happens to be pretty no nonsense. Grading us only on 5 or 6 Quizzzes and Exams. No participation points... no presentations, no papers, notta. Which at first sounded great... but... no so much. He gives his quizzes and exams strictly on his lectures... and doesn't even use the book. You study the notes you scramble down as quickly as you can.=/ It's a little different.
The classes I'm taking at home are going okay, though, by the time I finish the school up there its hard to get my other courses in. They aren't honesly getting done as frequently as they should be, but I'm really trying to work on that. I've really found that time is so valuable. It's probably a good thing that I can type rather fast or I would be on here forever. =] Or just be saying something like
Hi. School. Work. Uh, writing paper. gotaa go. love bye.
(: heh. thats funny. if i really am in a rush sometime i should do that.

But anywayyys. Then there's work. Which I have no complaints here. Work is great. Kedrick has always been a great boss, and working at the shop really gives me a chance to get my head out of school mode and just think about things. Working at the hardware store has really helped me learn a whole lot of things I never would have known. Tuesday I'm suppose to change the oil and filter on the backhoe and it just is so cool to me that through helping out and learning to work on the tractors I've learned a lot about how to take car of my car. I still have a long ways to go, but its the hand on easy fun learning like that giving college and homework such a contrast.

I can't wait until Christmas. =] Finallyyy I convinced Kedrick that having a Christmas tree in the shop would really benefit us by drawing in customers and appealing to their Christmas spirit. Haha... he didn't buy any of it... but he pretended to. =] =] =] He just said, Well, you are going to do something anyways, so you minds well have my permission. (: And then proceeded to use the word MODERATION over and over and over again. =] lol Oh its going to be great... im very excited, i think it will brighten the whole shop up. He's leaving me the shop for a couple weeks and going to Arkansas over Christmas. That should be pretty fun... classes will be over by that time and things will be at a very welcome slow down.

I better get going and do some more work on this paper. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day (: