Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh my goodness!! I am so excited this morning! I have absolutly no idea why!!!! lol I feel like going to another hockey game... hehe. The first one I went too, about two weeks ago... was a an Ice Dogs Hockey game... which, nobody bothered telling me! So when I screamed out "Go Nanooks!!''...... I put all fault on my dear brother. hehe ;) At least I realized by all these strage looks, something was wrong... and then went right along happily screaming for the Ice Dogs. I was hyper I didn't even care. Anyways... I really want to go to another hockey game... they are so much fun. Although, I think next time I'll keep my yelling to a minimal, so I don't get a huge headache by the 3rd............. part... (whatever it's called... i forgot... ;) and so I can actually sing in church the next morning.

Well, I really don't have much to write about. I miss the church a lot... all the people... I pray for you guys all the time. I hope everyone is doing good. If you guys ever want to send me an email, feel free. I miss you guys, and would love to hear from each of you. Hope you have a great day! Love and Miss you all,



Rebekah said...

You're so silly. :)
We are all going to the Nanook games this weekend. You should come.

Aimee said...

Its called a 3rd period Emily.

SnowCam said...

Hey, just popped on to say that I miss all my friends at church too. I really enjoy the services that we're going to now, its nice to see the love that the members have towards every1. Well better go, I'm at work and was able to catch a quick break. Say "hello" to the Family for me. Thanks and have a great day.

Happy Girl said...

I miss you so much too. And that's hilarious about the whole uaf/ice dog mix up. Definitely something that you would do. :-) That's a good thing of course! Love you!
P.S. Tell your sister that I loved the flowers and that I haven't forgotten about her and will drop off a card at her work soon. Thankx!

It's a good life said...

I was talking to Kassandra, and I think I might be able to! I hope so! It would be so much fun. I will be nice to see you all... =)
love you guys! ~emily

It's a good life said...

oh and thx Aimee... hehe ;)