Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Brian... o my dearest lovely brother got really sick last week and was throwing up and felt really bad the day after Christmas. He was sick for the weekend and by Sunday he was feeling a lot better. WELL. I figured I would be rather immune to this since I wasn't going to be staying at home anyway... I would just avoid the sick people... but I did feel pretty bad for him.

Yesterday around 5 I started feeling pretty sick to my stomach... and closed the shop up at 6... threw up... came home... threw up some more... meh. Being sick is the worst! I couldn't even really get up and walk around cuz I'd start feeling lightheaded. =/ I haven't been that sick in a longgg time.

Feeling quite a bit better now... but still haven't eaten since yesterday morning. I'm scared to...

Brian brought me some Pedialyte. It didn't work so well yesterday night... but today I've been sipping it.

I really want apple juice. lol(= It sounds really good and this stuff tastes salty with all the electrolyte's and minerals. I think I'll wait for the apple juice. It's not worth it. lol

Tonight is the New Years Eve get-ta-getha at the Trickeys. I've been so excited about going... but if I dont maintain feeling pretty good... then there is no way that I am going. I definatly dont want to get anyone else sick either.

I'm crossing my fingers though... (o:

Monday, December 29, 2008

Recent and Random Picturesss(=

I don't really have a lot to say... (= Things are good... taking care of the hardware shop and watching Kedrick's house for him while he's gone for the holidays visiting family in Arkansas. I've really enjoyed being off from school... and since then... been having fun with the camera on my celly phone. Some are a lil blurry... all wellsss. =] Please comment! I like to hear from everyone... (:


At Thanksgiving... my beautiful baby sis

On the way to Delta... how pretty!!! This picture doesn't do the scenery justice... the sunlight was making the trees sparkle... it was really something [=

WHAT a handsome boyaaa(;

pretty miss Deanna:o)

GLASSES. Do they help this blond look smarter?? (: just maybe??

What we look like at 1 o clock in da mornin' lol

my 2 reasons

WHAT is this suppose to mean??? > ! < exect its in this lil triangle...


Monday, December 15, 2008

A little prayer request... (:

Finals. Are. Here. Dum tum dum...

Yes. It really IS that dreadful just in case you are wondering. Stress isn't something I really like to incorporate into my life but sometimes it comes anyways. =S I would really appriciate some prayer on these big exams if you get jut a spare moment. Next Wednesday it will be all over... (= so on that happy note! I better get back to studyinggg. I am alive and doing fine... =] Just a little stressed out as of lately... but doing better. (o:

Hope everyone is having a great time getting ready for the holidays. Yesterday afternoon, a bunch of us in the church went caroling. It was really, really good. I didn't really feel like I was being a blessing as much as I felt that I was recieving the blessing... just being with everyone and going out to the community. The freedoms we still have to be thankful for here in America should definately not be taken for granted even in this ecominic crisis and presidental socialistic...... mess...... but ahem. We were staying thankful, right??! =] Haha... (:

Love you all... (: