Friday, February 06, 2009

SO Lanae'... I believe you are being QUITE hypocritical missay. And as sisters in the Lord we are to ADMONISH them. Haha. You post. Today. RIGHT THIS INSTANT. Or Emily is going on STRIKE. Yep, that's right. You think my posting is bad now. WELL. IT'S about to get worse. Dum, dum, dummm! Lol(o: I really do miss you.

Life is rolling ... rather quickly on by. Things are quite a bit different from last semester. Working more... I have Algebra 2, Chemistry, and Ak history at home. Taking the public communications class at TVC with Shannon and Rachel and friend from Hutch. It's going granddd. Way better than I expected. Actually having a lot of fun with the class. (:

Last Wednesday, I got in a "cooking mood" and told Mom not to make anything and that I woulld take care of dinner. She gladddly accepted my offer. I called my Dad and informed him he needed to arrive home on time and was not to eat anythinggg. LOL. He took that kind of funny, and was awkwardly wondering why his daughter had suddenly become so very concerned. However, I did not let him ask any questions and hung up the phone. =]

He arrived promptly on time and came through the kitchen rather slowlyyy. Felt my head for a fever and asked if I was feeling okay... I simply replied "DAD, I'm in a cooking mood." lol =]

Sooo, cheesy brocolli, spicy rice, creamy mashed potatoes sprinkled with cheese, and fried curry chicken strips was what came off the stove. And if I do say so myself it was quite yummy. I saved Brian a plate because I heard him complaining to my mom the other day about never getting any of the good home cooked meals anymore working those 10 hour shifts and coming home late. I saved him a plate with a longgg drawn out note explaining that I his lovely sister had made him a homecooked meal and specially and especially saved it specifically for him. =] =] =] hehehe... it was funny.

I recieved a text just a couple hours ago actually saying "Your 'homade' food is awesome! Thank you" lol

Brownie points for Emily!! Yay!!!

Not reallyyy actually. I think I should be making dinner a lotmore often and definatly should be helping out my mom more. I just get so bogged down with school sometimes, it's hard to focas on anything else. Hopefullyyy I'm going to try to make dinner every Wednesday night... its the best night I have to make it. With all fingers crossed, I'll stick to it.

Brian thinks its a great idea. Even offered me suggestions if I was ever wondering what to make. What a kid.

I miss Tori. Last week I texted her and kind of broke down, but she really helped and encouraged me. She's been sending me these devotions by email that are soooo good and soooo encouraging. Satan likes to make us feel like we are all alone in this. But we never are. =] Our sisters and brothers have our backs. It's good to know.

WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I think I better gooo. Mom and Jen are getting their hair done by Ang here at her house right now. I'm actually on her lap top for that matter. (: They're looking QUITE funny with their foil if I do say so myself... hahah... =]

Hope everyone is doing WONDERFUL and if not... I'm here. Gimmie a call. (: