Friday, November 24, 2006

What I'm Thankful For... =)

1. I'm thankful for the God of the universe... coming do to earth, dying on the cross, and saving me from everlasting death. I'm thankful for the Lord, that has been with me through everything. The God who has given me wisdom, love, and a whole lot of undeserved mercy.

2. I am thankful for my brother, Brian... my Grandma... my parents and family. The have affected my life in more ways than they will ever know... I love them.

3. I'm especially thankful for my really close friends, who have been there for me through really good times and times when it's really hard. Lanae'. Tori. Kassandra. Kyle. (that's not in any kind of order! =) I love you guys...

4. I am thankful for good times... times when you wish that those moments would last forever... but you know that they will have to end. I'm thankful for those moments... when you know exactly what another person is thinking... and you just give a person a look... and you know that they understand without saying word. I'm thankful for those moments that you are laughing so hard your stomach hurts... and the moments that you remember the next week, and it keeps you smiling all day.

5. I am thankful for all the times that I was falling apart and someone just took me in their arms ans held me until I stopped crying. No matter how long it took.

6. I am thankful for all my friends... the ones I'm just starting to get close to, the ones that I've known from a distance, the ones that always seem to cheer me up, give me advice, and tell it to me straight.

7. I am thankful for creation... the beautiful snowy mountains, hot summer days, rain, fields, clouds...

8. I'm very thankful for all the little kids at the learning center... especially A.J., and Reagen. That little girl, and that silly boy... they could be my own kids... =)

9. I'm thankful for snowboarding... sports. =)

10. I'm thankful for babies...

11. I'm thankful for prayer... the prayers that God has closed the door on... and I'm thankful for the ones I'm still waiting on.

12. I'm thankful for God's awesome timing.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just another day...

This morning everyone is feeling rather lazy and hasn't gotten up yet. =) We has a little bit of a late night. You know what??? ITS REALLY COLD OUT SIDE!!!!! I'm starting to really want to be inside at all times. lol :) Hot cocoa has become my new best friend... with a little coffee of course. In fact that sounds real good right now... Okay, I'm back. =) With a really good cup of hot chocolate. =) I'm really excited about Christmas... I have already got things pick out for people. I usually am not really ready for the Holidays... but this year... I am definitely ready. I'm really excited about Thanksgiving... it's about the only time of the year I would ever even consider being happy about making 10 pies. lol I am going to be really busy the next few days. A few of us will go up to my Grandmas and help her with the cooking and cleaning and getting ready for it, and a few of us will stay here and help my mom with cooking. It's I guess a tradition for my mom to always bring the rolls and most all of the pies. She wants me to help her... I think as long as Jenni's and maybe Deanna is up at Grandma's we'll be okay. Oh... and that's the other thing... Deanna is sick... she threw up about 4 times yesterday. It was nasty... I had to clean it all up... yuck. It was gross... Brian went moping around the whole day saying something like he has a couple really good meals to go to, and he would be really mad if he got sick and had to throw it all up. I was just laughing at him... I didn't even really think about it. That would be a bummer though. It was hilarious though... it's so funny what Brian will do just to not get sick.
Today Deanna has violin and we are to help clean Mrs.. Crawford's house with my Aunt Cindy. Mrs.. Crawford just had something done to her leg or foot... I don't exactly know what it was, but she can't get around to well. She has to get the other other done as well. After that I'm going to see if mom will take me to Barnes and Nobles while Deanna is having her lesson. I love that store...
Okay... I'm going to need you all to tell me what you want for Christmas... I mean it... k? lol Or else... you are going to get some random doohickey... lol I am not a very good guesser of what people want. So you all have to let me know... =) Give a christmas list... =)

Have an absolutely lovely day...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Life is crazy... and really busy... and sometimes fun... yep. That's what I have learned this week. Marvelous, right? lolI am trying to post more... but I hardly seem to have time and when I do post, it's hard to think about what all has happened lately... Well... just my luck... parents are being thoughful again. They know I need my sleep, and are so worried, that they make sure... that I get it. I have wonderful parents... really... lol just kidding. My parents love me... and they love it when I am alive in the morning also. Okay, okay. I have to go now. lol
I know the weirdest post in the world I didn't even say anything about what's been going on. lol =)All well.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!! ONLY 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!! YES!!! I just hope it's not too cold! :( But it will be okay... I know it will! CAUSE IT'S THE FIRST DAY WE GET TO GO SNOWBOARDING!!! YES!!! lol... I know... I know... I'm a spaz... =D I can't wait... I wish Moose was open, though. It's wayyyyy more fun. All well. It doesn't matter... cause Saturday is only 3 days away!!! Okay... I'll stop. =) I love being on the hills... they are amazing... Moose esspecially... but birch will have to do for now. =) I can't stop smiling... can you tell?=) lol =D I can just go up there and forget about all my problems... execpt for the one... the problem of falling down... lol! I hope I don't do that too much. =) Man, I am so excited!
Tommorow, I am going to the Hospital to volunteer again... I like doing it a lot, but I am kinda glad I am only doing it for this semester. I am getting a little behind on other things. =) It's only worth 1/2 a credit too. ;)
My brother is over on the couch, watching tv :P ... and everyone else is in bed. I guess I should get there soon too. I have to wake up early...
Well... there's nothing much more to talk about... either that, or I just really don't feel like talking about them right now... lol I am so tired...
You can tell I'm tired, when I start to laugh at things that really aren't that funny... but then I start laughing even harder... yeah... it's not pretty... lol Brian would know... very well... lol =D hehe...
Okay... I really am going....
I love you all...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Today was purty good, is guess. I was a mess yesterday night... for a few different reasons... but I put it in God's hands and I know He will take care of it all. The hard part is just waiting... but He will make things right. I know that. I did a whole lot of school... and cleaned the house all up today. =) I don't feel very talkative... extremely weird I know. I guess it's just because I've been thinkin about so much lately... and I kind of clam up when things go wrong... and i just think about stuff and get pretty quiet. Anyways... a certain person wanted me to blog more, so I am trying... =) My family is watching a movie right now and everyone seem to be quite entertained. lol =) I'm real tired. I think I'm either going to have to get some coffee or go to bed before I fall asleep on the way there. I am sooo tired. I wasn't all that busy today either... anyhoo... you all have a good night. I love ya.