Monday, October 23, 2006

Hey you all... how was your weekend? I was really happy to see everyone. I didn't have a chance to really talk to anyone but it was still really good to see you all. I miss you guys. Oh by the way Rebeka, I meant to talk to you after the hockey game and say "hi". It was really cool to see you there. =) How long are you up here? Anyways, I don't have long but I thought I'd something right quick. Please pray for my mom and Grandpa. I thought that they were getting in last night but I guess they are getting in tonight. Grandpa is getting worse and worse. Right now he thinks my mom is his wife... yeah... my Mom is pretty weirded out, to say the least. It was evendently qwite a long trip and my Mom is probably ready for a break. Well, I have lots of school to do, so i better go. Love you all... Oh by the way, Lanae'... I'm really sorry we couldn't make it on friday night. I was completly bummed that you were actually going and I wasn't there. :( Maybe another time.
Have a great day guys!


blondevue... said...

I'm praying that your Mom and Grandpa get in okay. And your right, she probably does need a break when she gets back.
You are so wonderful to help her out so much. =)
Have a great day girlie!
love you,

Anonymous said...

Emily, Alzimers can be hard on us all. My grandma still recognizes me as a family member but has not said my name in a full year. Our Prayers are with you all. Let me know If there is anything I can help with.

Radar (Kody)

Sunshine Seeker said...

It was good seeing you too Emily.
There were too many people to climb over to get over there. ;O)

Happy Girl said...

I was bummed that you weren't there too. But it's ok. Next time maybe. Love you.