Monday, December 29, 2008

Recent and Random Picturesss(=

I don't really have a lot to say... (= Things are good... taking care of the hardware shop and watching Kedrick's house for him while he's gone for the holidays visiting family in Arkansas. I've really enjoyed being off from school... and since then... been having fun with the camera on my celly phone. Some are a lil blurry... all wellsss. =] Please comment! I like to hear from everyone... (:


At Thanksgiving... my beautiful baby sis

On the way to Delta... how pretty!!! This picture doesn't do the scenery justice... the sunlight was making the trees sparkle... it was really something [=

WHAT a handsome boyaaa(;

pretty miss Deanna:o)

GLASSES. Do they help this blond look smarter?? (: just maybe??

What we look like at 1 o clock in da mornin' lol

my 2 reasons


Kassandra said...

I love them ALL!!! :o) Especially that one of you and Aubree. Sooo cute! You guys are gorgeous. :o)

Aww. :o( We really need some pictures of me and you. We gosta hang out soon.

Love you bunches and bunches!!! :o)

blondevue... said...

Love them my dear, love you. :)

Happy Girl said...

Aww. Shannon! Man I miss you guys. =} I think that I need to pull out pictures of this summer. Hmn. maybe not, that would probably make me sad, eh? Either way, you look beautiful in all of them. =)