Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Brian... o my dearest lovely brother got really sick last week and was throwing up and felt really bad the day after Christmas. He was sick for the weekend and by Sunday he was feeling a lot better. WELL. I figured I would be rather immune to this since I wasn't going to be staying at home anyway... I would just avoid the sick people... but I did feel pretty bad for him.

Yesterday around 5 I started feeling pretty sick to my stomach... and closed the shop up at 6... threw up... came home... threw up some more... meh. Being sick is the worst! I couldn't even really get up and walk around cuz I'd start feeling lightheaded. =/ I haven't been that sick in a longgg time.

Feeling quite a bit better now... but still haven't eaten since yesterday morning. I'm scared to...

Brian brought me some Pedialyte. It didn't work so well yesterday night... but today I've been sipping it.

I really want apple juice. lol(= It sounds really good and this stuff tastes salty with all the electrolyte's and minerals. I think I'll wait for the apple juice. It's not worth it. lol

Tonight is the New Years Eve get-ta-getha at the Trickeys. I've been so excited about going... but if I dont maintain feeling pretty good... then there is no way that I am going. I definatly dont want to get anyone else sick either.

I'm crossing my fingers though... (o:


Happy Girl said...

Ohhh. Poor Emily. ={ I hope you get to feeling better dearest. I'm sure going to miss the party at Aunties tonight. We have our regular church service, then they are having an all-nighter for the teens, which I might stay and help out with. But Mom is inviting some local "Aunties" and my boss Jerry & his family over to sit on her Lanai and watch Fireworks because we have such an awesome view. That sounds more tempting than staying up until 7AM. I dunno. Just somethinga bout getting some sleep sounds nice. ;-)

It's a good life said...

Aww that's sounds fun!(: You should totally do that all nighter with the teens... you are getting to OLD missy. Haha... jk... I know whatcha mean. Either one though sounds fun[=
I am actually feeling suprisingly WAYYY better. Like a NEW Emily! It's amazing!=] lol So I am going to the party at Autie's.(:
I miss you...(= How come you aren't posting on your blog??