Saturday, September 30, 2006

Yet Another Saturday... :) ;o) 8) with lots of smiles from emily... :D =D =o)

Hey guys... I have a question. There's this guy at Bager Gas (I think he said his name is Don), and my family and I are always going in there. Especially Brian and I throughout the summer. Each time we go in there he's always like "hey, how's it going?" Just being friendly, and Brian and I always answer and talk to him a little. Well, I have seen him there all through the summer... And I felt like it was an opportunity to witness to this guy. The other night I was in there with my little sisters, and I invited him to church and he said he would come, but he used to go to a catholic church. Was that a bad thing do you think? I don't want him to get the wrong idea though. I just want him to be saved. I really felt burdened about it, but I really want to be careful... If he does come to church tomorrow, I want to get Brian and Kyle to talk to him... And Jordan... I know you said earlier "you weren't really that kind of person" but I think it would be really good if you talked to him to. That way he has someone else to talk to besides me. I hope he does come though. Pray for him guys...
Well, today was a pretty laid back day. I helped mom make a big Saturday breakfast, Jen and Brian went to work. I did my chores, read half of a book, watched a movie... I need to read my bible... I just thought of that. Anyways it was A-OK... I was kind of excited about going to my cuz's football game ( Justin's) . But I heard they couldn't get the field today so it's tomorrow at 2:30 or something... I hope I can go. It's the Championship... I love watching his football games... It's so much fun. ;)
My Daddy is playing his guitar... He has some new really pretty songs... Listening to him play the guitar always makes my happy. :D I don't know why, but it does. I told him when he died I wanted his guitar to remember him by... hehe... He was a little shocked at first and the just started laughing. It was funny... But I really do want it. ;)
I am so excited about the snow!!!! Even though I keep hearing it's going to go away... im still happy... Its my promise that snowboarding season IS coming... THERE IS HOPE!!!! lol Well, I guess that's it for now... Post comments.... I want to hear from ya'll. ~emily