Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Sponge... =o)

I tolded this to Tori, once and i thought i would tell all of my brother's and sister's in Christ this too... cause it's true. = o)
If there is anything you want to spill...know that i am the sponge that will soak it all up and then squeeze out all the problems down the drain.... nice example right? lol And KNOW that i LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!! You are a great friend, you always have been... and i love you for it, and i love you for just being you, and nobody else but yourself... you always know how to cheer me up, or break my heart when i need it. You make me think twice about things, and have often kept me from a lot of trouble.=D
You all... i love you. Thx 4 being there, and have an awsome day... always here, Emily


Radar said...

Emily.... Thanks for that. I know I am rather quiet most of the time, But I am always looking for a way to halp people. If ya ever need to vent, or just need someone to listen, I am willing to help. The same goes for everyone else!
Thanks, Radar

Happy Girl said...

Aww thanks. I love you too sweet heart. Just don't make me cry.
:-( I'm really glad that you're striving to do good, we all ought to be. And I haven't asked my dad yet, I will tonight. Love you.