Monday, September 25, 2006

Just Another Day...8)

wow i love this thing! It's so much fun... hehe... my brother called me a "computer nerd". lol i just laughed. im not a "computer nerd" i just love this thing. okay, i have never seen so much green... ever! its the end of the season, so we are picking all the green tomatoes. This week is the last week of the season. Which i am actually very thankful for! Now i can start babysitting my little girls again...!!! im so excited, these kids ware you out in 10 minutes, but i wouldn't have it any other way. they are so much fun. Ansley is turning 3 this year and her white/blonde hair is getting so long and pretty. McKenna is turning 1, and she's still real sweet. Soon she'll start getting like her big sis, Ansley... oh boy, 1 is okay... but 2! oh boy. lol Im just glad im going to start again. Well, better go, i have lots of school, chores, and trying to keep my little sisters under control... wait... that will never happen so, ill just try keeping them happy and doing what Mom said. oh the joy! but i try to be thankful for these kind of things... its what makes life exciting, its what makes life, a good one. ~emily


blondevue... said...

hey girlie,
I'm glad for you that fall is here and you'll soon be done working at the greenhouse. :-)
The kids sure do sound like a handful, but I know, aren't they fun?! :-)
I get to babysit on Saturday night, I'm always running around watching them. But its good...
So I understand what your saying.
Have a great day! Catch ya lata'

It's a good life said...

oh tori, you should really meet these girls. they are awesome. Mrs. Smith... not *that* Mrs. Smith... but their mom... is a blast too, she's really sweet. =P lol hope you have a sUpEr DaY! love you girl. ~emily