Sunday, February 18, 2007

SuNdAy MoRnIn'

Sorry Kriss... I have been TRYING... I realized just today that I hadn't posted for a couple days. =0) Forgive me. lol
I am just sitting here with Jenny, Michelle's sister. =) Church was good this morning. It was about Life and Godliness. It really opened my eyes to some things. My Uncle Mike brought the message. I wish I could post the whole message on here... but it would take too long. =0)
Well... I had to post right quick, but Jen is waiting to do something with me, and I feel bad.
I hope you all had a great Sunday morning... and have a great night.
I'm missing you all already. =0(

Praying always,

P.S. Thank you for taking me snowboarding!!! That was so much fun... I am SOOO sore. lol


Sweetie Pie said...

Hey Emily!!
I'm very proud of you for posting!
I was about to give you a lecture about the whole "TRYING" thing =o)
did you get my e-mail?

Anonymous said...

Hey emily!
Looks like everyone is getting back in the swing of blogging! I look forward to reading yours more and more!
Love ya' and think about you often!

Reb said...

:)I had so much fun with all the girlies on Saturday. See you Wednesday.

Happy Girl said...
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Ashley from Alaska said...

Oh, emily I miss you alot to!!!!
I wish you guys still did sewing lessons with me!! I'm glad you started to post again.
Well I gotta to go,
Love you lots,Say Hiiiii!!to everyone!

blondevue... said...

hey little miss,
i know you've been on here... :-)
So...why haven't you posted?
love you,,

It's a good life said...

Ashley I miss you too! I'll tell everyone you said hi... do the same for me okay? =0)