Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just here with Krista

Well... I am alive and living... (Rebeka) lol... Kriss is sitting here with me in her house that smells like Pumpkin... mmm... Krista, say hi... "HHHIII!!!!!" Okay... now that thats done. Well, Happy Valentines! Things have been good, just really busy. Okay I am making a promise to TRY to post everyday. Kriss says to loose the "try" but I don't want to break my promise. =0)
Emily had to leave so I'm finishing this up for her...... I'm hopeing i'll motivate her to post more often.... oh and if your wondering why the house smells like pumkin it's because Aimee and deanna were making pumkin bread!! =o) And just so you all know Emily has promised to be my Valentine so don't even think about stealing her!!! HEHEHEE!!! =o) Have a good night Emily!!!


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...
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Reb said...

You guys are sooooo cute!!!!!

blondevue... said...

I love this picture of you too!
I'm glad that Krista has talked you into posting more frequently! Thinking and praying about you,
I love you,