Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It's been since March since I last posted... that's a really long time! lol Things have been just too crazy for blogging.
I am so excited. I get to watch my girlies tomorrow. =) Ansley and Makenia, and their new brother Braydon. Braydon is the sweetest baby in the world... I just love him. He is going to town with Rebecca for a doctors appointment to make sure he is perfectly healthy. I miss the girls though, I haven't needed to babysitt because Richard has been taking a lot of time off and Rebecca hasn't needed much help.
I was really excited about this weekend because I was going to go down with my Aunt Cindy and Shannon, and Marshal, to Marie's graduation, but Justin hurt his leg real bad in P.E. the other day. He has an appointment on Monday with the doctor. They think it is just a really bad sprain, but there could be something broken. Anyways, they didn't want to go, because it would be really rushed, and Justin would have to go with them on that long drive, and decided it wouldn't be the best of ideas. They are going to try and go down another weekend, and said when they do they will take me.
School is officially done for the year. I finished last week. I have to find a sample of Math from this year... some where... I think that when I was done, I was just so glad to be rid of the book, I misplaced it... lol After I turn that in, I will then *really* be officially done. =)
It's getting late, and I need to get things in order for tomorrow, but hey, I posted! You all should be so proud. ;)

Have a most wonderful day.


*~*KAT*~* said...

good job em, good job....
...i am soooo proud of you...*sniff* kidding....but really, i am glad to see that you still have enough time to post every once in a while....even if it is only once a year ;) ya-

Happy Girl said...

Glad you're doing well honey.
Love you.

blondevue... said...

I love you.

Anonymous said...

Hey so glad that you are alive! everyone else was giving you a hard time I would feel guilty if I did not gdo the same! miss you, Love you to,