Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just another day...

This morning everyone is feeling rather lazy and hasn't gotten up yet. =) We has a little bit of a late night. You know what??? ITS REALLY COLD OUT SIDE!!!!! I'm starting to really want to be inside at all times. lol :) Hot cocoa has become my new best friend... with a little coffee of course. In fact that sounds real good right now... Okay, I'm back. =) With a really good cup of hot chocolate. =) I'm really excited about Christmas... I have already got things pick out for people. I usually am not really ready for the Holidays... but this year... I am definitely ready. I'm really excited about Thanksgiving... it's about the only time of the year I would ever even consider being happy about making 10 pies. lol I am going to be really busy the next few days. A few of us will go up to my Grandmas and help her with the cooking and cleaning and getting ready for it, and a few of us will stay here and help my mom with cooking. It's I guess a tradition for my mom to always bring the rolls and most all of the pies. She wants me to help her... I think as long as Jenni's and maybe Deanna is up at Grandma's we'll be okay. Oh... and that's the other thing... Deanna is sick... she threw up about 4 times yesterday. It was nasty... I had to clean it all up... yuck. It was gross... Brian went moping around the whole day saying something like he has a couple really good meals to go to, and he would be really mad if he got sick and had to throw it all up. I was just laughing at him... I didn't even really think about it. That would be a bummer though. It was hilarious though... it's so funny what Brian will do just to not get sick.
Today Deanna has violin and we are to help clean Mrs.. Crawford's house with my Aunt Cindy. Mrs.. Crawford just had something done to her leg or foot... I don't exactly know what it was, but she can't get around to well. She has to get the other other done as well. After that I'm going to see if mom will take me to Barnes and Nobles while Deanna is having her lesson. I love that store...
Okay... I'm going to need you all to tell me what you want for Christmas... I mean it... k? lol Or else... you are going to get some random doohickey... lol I am not a very good guesser of what people want. So you all have to let me know... =) Give a christmas list... =)

Have an absolutely lovely day...


Me =o) said...

I feel the same way you do about hot chocolate with coffee =o)
Molly's laying on my lap and she's sooo cute!! come and see her soon okay?? =o)

Anonymous said...

Ok here's my wish list for you:
a kiss,
a hug,
a bear hug,
a big kiss,
a big hug,
a big bear hug,
a really big kiss,
a really big hug,
a really big bear hug,
a hugemongeous kiss,
a hugemongeous hug,
a hugemongeous bear hug,
a gigantanormous kiss,
a gigantanormous hug,
a gigantanormous bear hug,
and maybe another hug or something.

Well, I think that about covers it. Ya, I'll know if I think of something else.

It's a good life said...

okay... you get all that anyways and you know that... =) come on... give me a little list... then I'll pick from there. =) Kriss... you didn't even answer!!! Come on... =)

blondevue... said...

who is posting as "anonymous" and talking about hugs and kisses from you?
If its a guy, they had better know that you have a big sister (me)that will kick their tush...if they even try... =)
If it was a girl...then well,,,I agree, a kiss, a hug, and another hug and kiss sounds great!
Love you girlie, take care,

It's a good life said...

I'll give you a clue, Tori... the person... is never very far from ya. lol ;)

blondevue... said...

kay, now thats even more confusing. But hey, at least if their close to me, it probably isn't someone to be worried about...lol!
Love you dear,

It's a good life said...

lol... "anonymous" tell her it's you... lol i think its killing her. ;)

Happy Girl said...

Oh my word. That is so funny. I didn't even know that I posted as anonomous! Tori actually mentioned to me that someone had posted anonomously on your site and then I was like, er, that was me silly. And ya, I so agree that I would kick their tush. :-) And how did you know it was me? I feel so special that you did know that it was a totaly Lanae` thing to post, but ya, that's really funny. Sorry Tori for causeing you heart failure!